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Over the years, we've completed a variety of corporate and private commissions. Here, you'll see just a few examples of the commissions we've enjoyed creating. Reproductions of most are available in our Gallery/Store.

Looking for a personalized work of art? Contact Us We're happy to discuss all options with you, and provide you with a free quote. Pricing is highly dependent on the size, detail, and overall components of your customized commission.

I love Tennis

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'I Love Tennis'- A striking, tri-color schemed (black, white, & red) 24" x 30" original painting on canvas. Commissioned as a surprise from a wife to a husband, to include their family of 4 who love challenging each other on the tennis court. Included in the excitement are the family's 2 black cats.

Customer Review:
"Thank you for being so awesome to work with... It is amazing!! Absolutely love it! Thanks So much."
M. Chambers
Austin, TX

'The Scales of Justice' - This 12' long, two-panel painting on canvas of a full courtroom proceeding was commissioned by lawyer, Robert Curtis for his law firm in Albuquerque, NM. A skeleton representation of the lawyer stands as prosecution at the podium before a skeletal judge, jury, and even a 'blind' Lady Justice. Both 6' x 4.5' canvas panels were designed to hang at a 90-degree angle to further enhance this painting's dramatic symbolism and depth perspective.  The original painting now hangs in The Supreme Court Building in Santa Fe, NM.

The Scales of Justice

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Black-Haired Girls

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'Black-Haired Girls' Limited Edition Giclee - A true one-of-a-kind creation, this canvas Giclee is enhanced even further with a custom tin frame adorned with hand-painted embellishments.

'Plaza Fiesta' - One fascinating challenge of 'Plaza Fiesta' became engaging all 'Los Muertos' characters created thus far in one lively 'fiesta' on the historic Santa Fe 'plaza'. The tinwork designed and hand-worked to be just as elaborate as the painting inside it makes this a shining example of 'Los Muertos Fine Art Works'.

Customer Review:
"Our doctor having made a house call stood viewing, 'Plaza Fiesta' in the main room for some time. When I asked if he liked it, he turned and said, "Does one like the Mona Lisa?"
S.& C. Smith
Seattle, WA

Plaza Fiesta

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Mi Amor #3

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'Mi Amor #3' - Inspired by the style of 'Mi Amor #1', this painting on tin was commissioned with the request of some personal additions, such as a skeleton cat and spider web.

'Maiden of Massage' - This original painting on tin was created in honor of Ontario, Canada's greatest massage therapist; my mother. Her love of sunflowers, and lavender, and her mastery in deep, down-to-the-bone swedish-style massage became our main elements of focus.

Maiden of the Massage

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Billiard Buds

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'Billiard Buds'- Commissioned for a tight-knit family and three of their friends, this painting on canvas and tin frame showcases their brand-new pool room. Further personalization includes their 2 year old daughter, and their dog. The custom frame included with this painting features each character's skull and a pattern of pool balls. We love creating personalized pieces like this and can't wait to take on more custom jobs – dogs and all.

Customer Review:
"I never thought we'd own something this cool."
G.& K. Jaycox
Edgewood, NM

'The New Baking Co. Logo #1' - Corporate Commission for Santa Fe's best bakery & coffee meetup spot - 'The New Baking Company'. This large original painting on tin hangs inside. Establishing the restaurant's overall theme, the image lends itself throughout, from their lively menu to their colorful t-shirts.

The New Backing Co. Logo #1

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The New Backing Co. Logo #2

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'The New Baking Co. Logo #2'- Corporate Commission for Santa Fe's best bakery & coffee meetup spot - 'The New Baking Company'. This large original painting on tin hangs inside. Establishing the restaurant's overall theme, the image lends itself throughout, from their lively menu to their colorful t-shirts.

'Black Bird Saloon' Logo - Corporate Commission for one-of-a-kind Bar & Restaurant - 'Black Bird Saloon'. Located in the historic town of Los Cerrillos, NM, this original drawing hangs framed, alongside choice merchandise showcasing the image from Art Prints, to T-shirts, within this charming establishment.

Black Bird Saloon

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Whoo's Donuts

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'Whoo's Donuts Muertos Owl' Logo  - When a local artist sees how a local business' awesome logo could be even more awesome, this is what you get. 'Whoo's regular owl logo & Whoo's 'Los Muertos-ized' owl logo, shows throughout their Santa Fe Donut Shop & Cafe, from Signs to Art Prints, to T-shirts.

'Jackalope' & 'Prairie Dog Passion' - Corporate Commission Logos & t-shirt art for Jackalope Inc.


Prairie Dog Passion

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Together Forever on the Open Road

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'Together Forever on the Open Road'- Private Commissioned Painting and Tin Frame with custom embellishments on frame. A true 'Los Muertos' portrait, this painting depicts the likeness of a couple in skeleton form, and their custom bike. Their love of being together forever on the open road is showcased by the inclusion of numerous painted details, right down to the leather jackets they wear on their rides having matching bands on their right sleeves, with the embroidered words, 'I Love You'. 

'The Stones' & 'Elvis Lives' & 'John & Clint' - Original paintings and illustrations for 'Rolling Stones Magazine'. All painted and submitted to Rolling Stones Magazine for Illustration use. These three original paintings now hang in the music room of a private collector. 

*Each member of The Rolling Stones owns a purchased print of, 'The Stones' painting.

The Stones

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Staying Alive

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'Staying Alive' Private Commission Painting on Tin for one of our longstanding art collectors, showcasing the successful building of their dream home in Santa Fe, NM, and reaching their 'golden years' together. Owners, husband (psychiatrist), and wife (dancer), fill a center bathtub, because as they put it, "It's the bathroom, where a disco ball is hung over the tub, that completes the flow and design of the entire house."  Their team, of architects, interior designers, and painters, surround them, painted in light of their many quirky idiosyncrasies.  Seconding as 'The Village People', the whole team joins together for a bathroom disco party.  

'Box Canyon' Original Painting & Logo - Corporate commission for a special USPS & Gift Shop located in the Taos, NM Ski Valley. Business owners, husband & wife, Mario & Stephanie Vigil are depicted on skis and snowboard, carrying out their everyday talents from shipping parcels with personal care, to providing unique New Mexico made gifts from 'Los Muertos Art' to that of other local artisans, through their splendid high altitude gift shop.

Box Canyon

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Gerardo's Andale Food Truck

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'Gerardo's Andale Food Truck'- Commission Logo - Corporate Commission for local Santa Fe Chef, Gerardo Rodrigez, and his new food truck, 'Andale!' This colorful, graphic design is meant to showcase Gerardo's undying flair for Mexican and New Mexican cuisine, be bright and bold and able to be seen from a distance, as well as to easily lend itself to his menu design, and custom apparel.

'Amour' Chocolates' Commissioned Packaging Art -  With 10 different panned chocolate combinations being packaged using this image, this painting is meant to exhibit the wonderful time of harvest, when lavender, pecans, pistachios, almonds, cherries, cocoa, etc. are ripe for the picking, and 'amour' flourishes throughout it all – under the cherry tree. This original painting on tin now hangs in the home of a private collector. 

Amour Chocolates

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Balloon Fiesta

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'Balloon Fiesta' - The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta draws around 1000,000 visitors to NM each fall, but the magic that a ride in one of those balloons evokes makes you feel like you're the only one in the sky.

Customer Review:
"... it became R(---)'s favorite among all our artwork, and it holds so much joy. Each and every time I look at it it brings back so many happy memories of him."
TM.& R. Womack
Albuquerque, NM

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