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All of our Los Muertos art is inspired by the beautiful celebration of Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. Each piece represents and speaks from the same place of beauty and power from which this holiday was born. Through our artwork, we hope to show life and death as one eternal eternity; you cannot have one without the other. By understanding death as a part of life, you learn to embrace it, rather than fear it. Our work encompasses our belief that our souls are eternal, that each new birth or death is simply a stage in our soul journey.

'Los Muertos' (meaning 'The Dead')

The name of our company 'Los Muertos', which means, 'The Dead', calls attention to the irony surrounding the 'skeleton' and the holiday of 'Dia de los Muertos'/ 'Day of the Dead'. Contrary to popular belief, both the symbol of the skeleton and the holiday are celebrated due to a deep-set understanding that life is eternal; death is not the end, it is simply a new beginning to another stage within our soul journey.

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Why We Celebrate

The symbol of the skeleton or skull is used to signify death and rebirth. Instead of fearing death as so many of us do, these symbols embrace and celebrate it. In the Dia de Los Muertos tradition, death is about "moving on" to a higher level of consciousness.

People often compare Dia de los Muertos to Halloween. While at first glance they may appear to be similar, in truth, the two celebrations are completely different. Halloween is a European holiday that is based on their concept of death and fear. Dia de los Muertos, however, is a Mexican holiday celebrated as a way to honor life and loved ones who have passed on. This holiday was originated by the Aztecs, who believed that life was a dream and death was the moment you woke up to your real life.

How We Remember

Dia de los Muertos is traditionally celebrated on November 1st, and 2nd throughout Mexico and the Southwestern United States. As part of this celebration, we create altars, upon which we place pictures of the deceased alongside their favorite foods, drinks, and personal items. Altars and graveyards alike are decorated by candles to light the soul's journey back home for this special reunion.

As the celebration continues, people bring trinkets and gifts the deceased were fond of during life. This is meant to communicate to the dead that they are still alive in the hearts of those they left behind. The beauty of their lives will continue to be remembered with joy, even though they no longer share in the same physical reality.

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