Skeleton Art inspired by Day of the Dead 

 Los Muertos Fine Art Works  Stacey Sullivan de Maldonado  &  John Maldonado


Black Bird Saloon Designer Greeting Card & Logo art  - The Black Bird

Noisy Water Winery label image - Di-Vine Intervention

Noisy Water Winery label image - Dia de la Red

Fifth Way CD Cover art  - Raise the Dead

Jackalope Inc. Logo art  - Jackalope

Jackalope Inc. Logo art  - Prarie Dog Passion

In Memory of WWI fighter Pilots - Flame Thrower

Whoo's Donuts logo transformed 'Los Muertos' style - Night of the Owl

Film Producer's Memorial Handbook Cover Image - Movie Guy

"his movies & his dog were his life"

FireFly Scrapbook Designs - Logo

Amor Chocolates image for new chocolate line - Amor

 Matthew Andrea Poster & CD Cover Art - Velvet Mouth

(Yukalali Music for lovers)

Mail Call & Packaging Solutions - Logo

Los Muertos Fine Art Works - Logo


 Rolling Stones Magazine - The Stones

Rolling Stones Magazine  - Elvis Lives

The Toronto AIDS Society, AIDS Awarness - Busy Bones


Save the Tiger - Endangered Indonesian Tiger

End the Hunt - Save the Seal