Skeleton Art inspired by Day of the Dead 

 Los Muertos Fine Art Works  Stacey Sullivan de Maldonado  &  John Maldonado

Commissions & Tinwork 

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Here you will be able to see some of the large and small corporate and private commissions we have had the pleasure of creating. Also included are views that show-case John's masterful tinwork and custom framing abilities.


 'The Scales of Justice' 14' x 42", two panel painting, commissioned by lawyer Robert Curtis, who stands across from the skeleton representation of himself, where the painting hangs in his law firm in Albuquerque, NM. The two panels of the painting were designed to hang at a 90 degree angle to add even more depth to the already dramatic depth perspective of the piece. 

Reproductions are currently under work and will be available shortly. 

You can see me painting the beginnings of, 'Christmas Town' above. I start with a black & white sketch on a 3' x 4' canvas. Many views of the town of Madrid New Mexico hang to my left for reference, since this is the place that inspired it all.

See the complete finished original painting and tin frame at our Art Gallery section. See the finished painting upclose or order your own giclee of this fine painting at our Online Store.

Here are Close-up views of John's fantastic tin frame work for

'Christmas Town'

Here is custom original painting 'Billiard Buddies'. This pieces was commissioned to include a husband and wife, their 2 year old daughter, their sister and brother-in-law and the friend that's always over. Also included were elements of their home's newly added pool room and ofcourse their dog! John created a simple custom tin frame which I painted along the bottom portion with each character's skull and random pool balls. This piece was alot of fun for us to create as well as for it's owners to now own and cherish forever. *We welcome more custom jobs like this one, dogs and all! :)


Above: 'Black-haired Girls' 16" x 20" Limited Edition Giclee completed by John's custom tin frame. My original painting embellishments are continued on the surrounding frame. Each painted frame is done to specifically embellish the painting at hand, giving the sense of the painting continuing beyond it's boundaries. We will happily custom frame and embellish any and all giclees just like these. A very signature job we offer all our valued customers.

Below: More limited Edition Giclees, custom framed and completed with my painting embellishements.

Commissioned Pieces for the 'Santa Fe Baking Co.' in Santa Fe, NM Below

Eric Struck and John Maldonado stand next to our large original painting and tin frame of 'Santa Fe Baking Company Logo #2'. It hangs inside Eric's beloved Santa Fe restuarant for all to see and enjoy.

Eric Struck the owner of this fabulous restaurant/cafe stands next to 'Santa Fe Baking Company Logo #1 - 'Cafe Time'.

John stands dwarfed by his enormous tin frame, commissioned of him by Eric Struck to complete this signature board that hangs within the restaurant. This board is actually a piece of the restaurant's wall that had been knocked down during the restaurant's early years in efforts to make room for it's ever growing clientele. It has been signed by so many of Eric's beloved customers including some very famous ones! For these sentimental reasons it has become a very special conversation piece within the restaurant.

If you are in the Santa Fe area be sure to stop into the 'Santa Fe Baking Company Cafe'. (You'll find directions to their location through their website below). The food and coffee is some of the best in town! Best of all they are never without a smile or a welcome and you will be able to view these 'Los Muertos' originals created just for this splendid restaurant, in person!

 View the full original of 'Plaza Fiesta' at our Art Gallery. Below are eight close-up shots of the magnificent tin work created by the hands of John Maldonado for this original painting.

Above stand the owners of this Collectors Canvas Giclee of 'Plaza Fiesta' . As seen here a commissioned tin frame also accompanies their Giclee. Contact Us for pricing and options if you are interested in having a one-of-a-kind Collectors Giclee and frame like seen here - but uniquely created by hand just for you! See this 30" x 50" Giclee up-close at our Online Store.



Here is an inside peek of us working on, 'Flamenco Magic'Go to our Art Gallery section to view the finished original. The large raw tin in the back to the right, was the beginnings of what transformed into the first major original logo for the, 'Santa Fe Baking Co'.


'Mi Amor #3' Original, 30" x 40" acrylic on tin. This was commissioned with some personal additions such as the spiderweb and the skeleton cat, but was otherwise ordered to be little different than our painting, 'Mi Amor #1'. Contact Us for pricing on your own commissioned painting. Pricing highly depends on detail of frame and desired imagery within.



'Maiden of Massage' Original, 12" x 18" acrylic on tin. This commission was created for one of the greatest massage therapists in all of Ontario, Canada! The tin frame was kept simple yet effective. This size original commission runs within the price range of $2,500- $3,000.



This unique round tin mirror is 28"W x 25"L x 2"D.

Here is a beautiful example of John's custom tin mirrors. Both images show 2 different views of the same mirror. The photo on the left shows the mirror unlit, while the photo on the right shows the mirror when it is lit by a small candle standing upon it's front custom-built candle holder. 

Contact Us for options and price rangesPrice of mirrors depends on size and accents.